Pets or changes aren't showing up

When you add a new pet or make a change to a pet in your software, the next time your software uploads you pet data to your account, that change will show up. On average, it takes a couple of hours.

How long it takes for a new pet, photo, or other change to show up depends primarily on two factors:

1) How often your software uploads. Some software uploads every hour. Others upload once a day, twice a day, or four times a day.

2) How much other uploaded data our site is processing at that moment. Our processors are running 24/7. They might process your data within minutes, or if many other accounts have uploaded a lot of data just before you, it might take a few hours for them to get to your data in the queue.

You can always check to see the time of your last process by clicking the "Test Import Now" button at


If you need additional assistance, please click the blue "help" bubble on this page, search for anything then click "Contact Us" to email us via that form. Thank you!



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