How do you screen rescues listing pets on

We appreciate that you are being careful when adopting or doing any kind of business online. Below is information to help you with your concerns: is a pet adoption website where shelters, rescues and private owners in the United States and Canada can post their available pets. We evaluate each new rescue and shelter account request individually, and adjust the account approval requirements according to the type of organization. We do our best to make sure every account is a legitimate rescue organization, shelter, or government agency or veterinary office with a pet adoption program at the time of their application. Organizations must pass our initial screening to open an account. We aren't an enforcement agency (like animal control or the FDA) and are unable to do ongoing monitoring of every organization that uses our website. Since situations and organizations can change, we encourage all adopters to check up on any organization they will be doing business with online.
We do take every complaint very seriously. If you have serious concerns about an organization on, please email the reasons for your concern, along with a link to the organization on our website.
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