Share a pet on your organization's Facebook page

There are two easy ways to share a pet on your Facebook page. One is from the "share" button on the pet's listing that is visible to the public, the other is to select "Share on Facebook" from the Promote menu on the pet's row on your admin area pet list.

Here's how to do either.

1. Click the share button  on the pet's page, or select share from their Pet List promote menu.

2. You'll get a pop up window. If you're not logged in to Facebook, log in to the account that is an admin on your organization's Facebook page.

3. Select "Share on a page you manage" from the upper left menu.

If you manage more than one page, select the page you want to share on from the menu that you now see.

4. Type something if you like, then click the "Share link" button.

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