Share a pet on your organization's Facebook page

Below are two easy ways you can share your pets on Facebook. 

Note: will NEVER ask you for your Facebook or Adopt-a-Pet password to link accounts. That's a scam being tried. Delete it.


OPTION 1: Add your Adopt-a-Pet pet list URL to your Facebook page's About section. It will be a an always visible and clickable link, visible on mobile and desktop. But, it's just a link with no photos, so be sure to try option 2 too!

- Copy any of your links from --- be sure to copy the entire thing including the http so it will be clickable.

- Paste the link in to your Facebook page's "More info" either in the About or Addition Info.


OPTION 2: You can share any of your pet list links or individual pet page links on your timeline too, like any other link. To share individual pets, go to your Adopt-a-Pet My Pet List, click "See Pet on Site" next to the pet you want to share:


Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook as the Facebook Page admin or editor. Then click on the pet's Facebook icon:


A window will pop up. Select on a page you manage:


If you manage more than one page, select the page you want to share on from the menu that you now see.

 Type something if you like, then click the "Share link" button.

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