Pet's photo is sideways

Q: Two of my pet pictures are uploading sideways. Never had this issue before and from time to time I upload both portrait and landscape. Please help!
A: We can help you with this! This is a known bug with smart phones like the iPhone when photos are taken vertically (with your phone in the upright position) but can randomly affect other photos too. They may look correct on your phone or desktop, but will upload to and other websites sideways.

Photos taken horizontally (longer across than tall) will usually not have this issue. If you have already taken the photos, you can use a free online photo rotating tool like
It will let you re-save the photos with the correct orientation, then you can re-add them to the pet.
If you have a photo editing application on your computer already, you can try opening the photos on your computer, making sure they are not sideways, then use the "save as" to save each photo as a different file with a different name. Often this will save them without the orientation bug embedded in them. (Test one photo first to see if that works for you.)

If neither of those solutions work for you, we'll do our best to help: Please click the blue "help" bubble on this page, search for anything then click "Contact Us" to email us via that form. Thank you!

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