Are there any fees

Zero fees to use! is a free service, which means there are no fees involved whatsoever! It is free to sign up for a shelter/rescue account, free to list your pets, free to use any of our tools. It is free for the public to search for pets and to contact you.
Pet Adoption Fees
If you are a potential adopter and want to know how much is the pet adoption fee, first look on each pet's listing page in the pet's "Story" and also below that in that pet's shelter or rescue Adoption Process info.
If you do not see the pet's adoption fee in either of those places, please contact the shelter or rescue directly using the email or phone in that pet's Contact info box.
Each shelter or rescue is different, so check that information on each pet. does not have any other information other than what is displayed on the pet's pages.
Thank you!
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    Lupe Saladin

    I have a friend who is interested in one of your little CHIHUAHUA female mics but wants to know the cost she is not listed yet be is very interested what can she do to find out???

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    Hi Lupe! This Help Center is for the website. We are a listing service only. We are not a shelter. We do not have pets for adoption ourselves. Over 16,000 different shelters and rescues list their pets on our site!

    That's wonderful your friend is interested in adopting! On each pet's page is a big green or blue "ASK ABOUT ME" button. Click that to contact that pet's shelter or rescue. 

    Thank you!

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