Can Rehome help animals who need a new home urgently?

Can Rehome help people who need to find a new loving home for their dog or cat in less than a week?


Just like with pets at shelters and rescues, how quickly a pet may be adopted depends on many factors. For pets listed by private owners via Rehome on Adopt a Pet, in addition to the pet's inherent characteristics (breed, age, gender, size, behavior, health) other factors include where in the U.S. the pet is located, how appealing are the pet's photos and story, how quickly does the listing owner respond to any adoption applications, and more.

Rehome can not guarantee adoption of any pet listed.

For pet owners who need to find their pet a new home urgently, we encourage them to not only list their pet on Rehome, but to also immediately reach out to other local resources for help:

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