How does Rehome handle pets that are not spayed or neutered?

We do allow intact pets to be listed through Rehome, and we help to ensure they are spayed and neutered post-adoption. We listened to you, our valued shelter and rescue partners, about the concerns of allowing intact pets to be adopted and we took some precautions: 

  • We set the expectation upfront with potential adopters by clearly stating on the pet's Adopt a Pet profile if the pet needs to be spayed or neutered: mceclip0.png
  • As you can see, we require the adopter to spay or neuter their new furry friend within 30 days of their adoption.
    • The adopter signs off on this within their contract.
  • Our team also checks in with the new adopter within 30 days to confirm they have indeed spayed/neutered their pet. 

Fun Fact: Our team looked at data and trends to see if pets were being adopted because they are intact. We learned that in fact the opposite was true; pets already spayed or neutered were more likely to be adopted on Rehome!


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