How do I add Rehome community pet listings to my website?

If your shelter or rescue refers private owners to Rehome using your unique referral URL, you may add a unique iFrame HTML code to display "Community Pet Listings" (private owners' listings whom you referred) directly on your organization's website. Contact us to get yours!

Not surprisingly, shelters and rescues that add Community Pet Listings to their site have the highest rate of success with private owners using Rehome. 

Your organization is not responsible for any part of private owners using Rehome; including the adoption process, liability, or returns. Rehome is a self-service program specifically designed for private owners to take the initiative and find an adopter for their pet with the support of the Rehome service.  

You also will not have to do any work to monitor pets in your iFrame. Rehome's pet listings within the iFrame show up and are removed automatically as private owners create, update, and remove their own pet profiles using Rehome by Adopt a Pet

Check out these great examples of Rehome's Community Pet Listings:


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