Why should my organization use Rehome?

Rehome helps owners adopt out their pet directly to a new home, using Rehome's innovative online dashboard that adds their pet to Adopt a Pet and guides them through the adoption process.


Rehome can reduce shelter intake. 

Some shelters and rescues are unable to take in every dog and cat, or use managed intake so don't take in every pet right away. Instead of trying to manage courtesy posting pets not in your care, turning away pet owners who need help, or running out of kennel space, shelters and rescues can direct appropriate dog and cat owners in to try Rehome. 

Referring owners to Rehome lets you focus your organization's resources on pets that urgently need your help, or are best served by your expertise for proper placement.

Rehome is a great tool for relinquishing owners who have enough time (at least 1 week) to keep housing their pet while they use Rehome. Some pets in some areas can take much longer. Owners need to be able to... add digital photos and a description of their pet to the Rehome website, check their email daily, log in to the Rehome website to screen their adoption applications, and safely meet with an applicant in a public place.


Rehome supports pet retention.

Some owners want to keep their pets, but just need a little help. Of course individualized professional help is best, but that isn't always feasible. Rehome has curated an online library of help articles for the most common and easier-to-solve reasons owners surrender pets, available at https://rehome.adoptapet.com/help-keep-pet to try to help keep pets happily in their first home, whenever possible. 


Rehome and the owner do the work.

Rehome lets owners list their own pets on Adopt-a-Pet.com with no effort needed on your part.
The owner adds their pet to Rehome's online dashboard. Rehome takes care of reviewing and approving pet profiles. Rehome's service guides the owner through the process: From how to screen applicants based on the expertise gathered from some of our 17,000+ shelter and rescue partners, to conducting safe in-person meetings at a public location. When a good match is made, Rehome provides the owner and adopter with a transfer of ownership certificate. Rehome prompts owners to upload medical records for the adopter too. 


Limit your liability. 

Your organization is not responsible for or involved in the adoption process nor the pet. The Rehome-provided transfer of ownership includes a choice for the owner regarding what happens if the adoption doesn’t work out - either the owner takes the pet back, or the adopter agrees to use Rehome to find a new home for the pet.  

Owner and adopter personal information is kept private. Adopters must apply for an owner to see their application answers for name, email and phone, city, state, and about their home. Street addresses are not asked for, for everyone's safety. Owners choose which applicants they will call and meet.


Find out more in our Rehome Shelter Rescue FAQs. 

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