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After listening to feedback and conducting extensive user testing and research, additional information is now visible on all pet listings: Posted and Updated Timestamps. Timestamps show when the pet was initially posted (added) to the Adopt a Pet website, and if the pet was updated (edited) after the initial post date. 

Timestamps rolled out a few months ago on private owner pets listed through Rehome by Adopt a Pet. Before we expanded the timestamps to shelter and rescue pet listings, we conducted extensive user testing. Adopter feedback was so positive, we expanded this feature to enhance shelter and rescue pet listings too.

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User Testing

We asked adopters how useful it was for them to see when a pet was posted or updated in their adoption journey, and their responses were clear: Out of 8 potential features we tested, the inclusion of timestamps emerged as one of the highest-rated features in terms of perceived user value, boasting an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5. 

Here's what some adopters had to say:

"Oh, very useful – I want to know if the pet has just been posted, if it's a new pet, or if the pet has been sitting there a while." - (Rating: 5)

"I do think that is very useful – that the dog is being updated on. There is another website that I've been watching, and a few of the dogs, they didn't update a whole lot." - (Rating: 5)

"Very useful – it helps you know how long the [pet] has been available for adoption or at the facility." - (Rating: 5)

One adopter highlighted the significance of the timestamp in understanding the pet's journey, stating, "I think it'd be really useful to know when the pet came in, how long it's been there, if it's had the chance to be looked at or medical issues taken care of." (Rating: 4).


At, we're committed to continuously improving the adoption experience, for both adopters and shelters and rescues. If you have any feedback about this or anything else, please let us know here.

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