Add pets in a new location

Adopt a Pet currently allows organizations to add two types of accounts:

1) Location
Where pets are currently housed or fostered, meaning pets who are already physically located in that zip code. This includes shelter facilities, foster homes, and other facilities. If pets are in foster homes within 50 miles of each other, we recommend you add them to one account with a central zip code. For adding additional facility addresses or foster homes more than 50 miles apart, follow the instructions below.

2) Transport stop
Pets who located elsewhere but can be transported to this transport stop's zip code. Click here to add a transport account.


All the same Terms & Conditions apply for additional accounts.


Add a location (not a transport stop)

To use the same login and switch between accounts, follow the 5 steps below. (You can also watch a 52-second tutorial video here.)

1. Login to your existing account.

2. In the "Shelter/Rescue" menu, select "Sign Up a new Shelter/Rescue/Location"  

3. IMPORTANT! In the Shelter/Rescue Name field you must type in a unique identifier after your organization's name. Like "Woofy's Rescue - West".
4. In the "2. Address (visible to public)" section, type the City, State and Zip / Postal for the location where you want your pets to appear in search results.
5. Fill out the rest of the form completely, including the About Us and Come Meet Our Pets. Then click the Add Shelter/Rescue button at the bottom. 
You will now be in the preview mode for that new location account. We will review and approve new location accounts within 2-3 business days. You can add pets to the new location account now, while you wait for us to approve it.
Click on Admin Home then switch back into your already-approved account. You need to be in an approved account to add more locations, or to see pets on your other accounts. The Admin Home switch dropdown looks like this:
  • Pets can not be moved or copied between locations. Each location account functions as a separate account. To "move" a pet, add the pet to that location account, switch to the other location, and delete it from the prior account. 

  • Do NOT duplicate list the same pets within 250 miles of each other. 

  • If you use software that supports different pet locations, AutoUploading can also be set up on each account. Contact your software provider or us for instructions.

If you need help, use this form to contact Adopt a Pet.
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