Transferring a Whistle Health device to an adopter/foster/pet owner

In order to transfer the Whistle Health device to an adopter, foster, or pet owner, you can now just send an email to  You can also request device removals from your account through this email process as well.  

  • Use the email template below to ensure that all of the information the Whistle team needs is included in the email. 
  • You can send one of these per day with multiple pets listed or you can send one email for each individual pet.
  •  Ideally, the adopter will have the app downloaded on their phone and their account created but that is not a prerequisite for sending the transfer request.  If the adopter does not have an account, the Whistle support team will create an account on their behalf using the email address provided, and then the adopter will reset their password the first time they log in.  
  • This email request should come from your team and should not be requested from the adopter.  
  • You can send the device home with the adopter even before you make the request to have the device transferred, just let the adopter know there may be a 24-hour delay in seeing the device in their application.  

Email template: 

Subject: Whistle device transfer requested as part of the Shelter Research study
Body: We are requesting Whistle devices be transferred as part of the Shelter Research study being conducted by Adopt a Pet in collaboration with Whistle and Wisdom Panel.  The following device(s) need to be transferred from our account (shelter account email here) to the new account(s) listed below:
Device ID:
Adopter's Name:
Adopter's Email: 
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