"Ask About Me" aka your Adoption Inquiry Form

What is the Adoption Inquiry Form?

If you have the form turned on (and you've chosen to have an email address shown to the public - change that setting here), adopters can contact you via a form built in to Adopt-a-Pet.com. The form appears on your pets for adoption, after an adopter clicks "Ask About Me". They can still see your email address, so using this form is optional, but most adopters choose to use the form if available.


What's the benefit to you?

With your Adoption Inquiry Form turned ON, emails you receive from the public via the form automatically include a link to the pet's listing, the pet's name and ID#, and the public is prompted to include their telephone number, city, and state in addition to their email address. When a potential adopter fills out the form, our system will send you an email, and you can reply directly to the adopter. Eventually, you'll be able to add custom fields to this form as well.


Screenshot and ON/OFF switch:


The form has checkboxes asking if inquirers want to opt-in to receive additional helpful communications from us and our sponsors relating to pet adoption. We send people who ask about pets via the form a one-time follow-up email to find out if they've adopted yet. It asks "Have you adopted Fluffy" and has a YES or NO button. Based on their answer we know if it would be appropriate to send them information about caring for a new pet or to invite them to tell us why they didn't adopt and encourage them to keep looking for a pet to adopt. This use of our site visitors' information and your shelter or rescue information is covered in more detail in our our Privacy Policy at https://www.adoptapet.com/public/privacy_policy/
You can try it out yourself to see how it works! Just send yourself an adoption inquiry on any of your shelter or rescue's available pets by clicking on your pet's  Ask About Me button. If you leave all three checkbox options at the bottom checked, you can always unsubscribe or cancel later, at the bottom of any email we or our sponsors send you. In approximately two weeks you'll get our follow-up email. You can click both Yes and No to see what the next pages look like. The content of the pages may vary depending on the type of pet you inquired about - we don't want to send kitten adopters information about puppies, for example!
If you'd like to opt out of having the Adoption Inquiry Form appear on your pets, the form can be turned off on each of your accounts instantly. Just log in to each account, go to your Adoption Inquiry Form settings page at https://www.adoptapet.com/shelter/adoption-inquiry-form/edit and slide it to "No" -- it saves automatically and instantly. If you have multiple location accounts, you'll need to repeat that on each of them, so go back to your Admin Home page, switch in to your next location account, and repeat changing the setting on each of your accounts.
We always appreciate feedback about our features! 
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