Setting up your Whistle device application

To set up your application to track all of the Whistle Health Devices, you will need to pair your first device. 

  1. Find the Whistle: Smart Pet Tracker within the app store on the phone/tablet that you will be using for the study
  2. Download the application. Tip: You can download the app at any time but I recommend waiting until you are ready to pair your first device before creating your account. 
  3. Make sure your first device or battery is fully charged before you begin. Tip: he Whistle Health device will need to connect to your Wi-Fi network so make sure to have the name and password handy.
  4. Follow the in-app prompts to create your account, the dog's profile, and sync the device to your phone/tablet. Tip: You'll want to ensure your phone's Bluetooth is enabled and that the Locations Permissions for Whistle are set to "Always Allow*."
  5. To activate a second (or third) device to your account, navigate to the Human tab at the bottom right corner, and choose Add a WHISTLE device.
  6. Tap Set up a new pet to begin the pairing process and repeat steps until all devices are paired


WHISTLE™ Health devices don’t have GPS capabilities, so why do we ask for your location permissions to be set to “Always Allow”? Allowing your location permissions permit the WHISTLE™ app to sync the dog’s data to your phone/tablet over Bluetooth when the app isn’t open. This means that your device's data can sync regularly when you're near the dog, updating in the background.  Without the location permission set to Always Allow, the dog’s health insights and activity data will be delayed and much slower to update.  WHISTLE™ does not store your location data, ever!

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