What are the specific research questions you’re hoping to answer or certain hypotheses you have going into these studies?

WHISTLE: We may not be able to predict how a dog will act (or their activity 

level) in a home based on how they act in a shelter. Our hope is to get more comfortable 

with being able to say, “we don’t know”. There is a lot of pressure from the public for 

shelters to answer questions they just can’t answer - the more data we have - the easier 

it will be for the public to accept that, take a chance, and see if this works for their 

household. With this study, we may be able to confirm there is not a correlation between

 activity level in shelter vs in the home. Also the differences in activity level between 

dogs in shelter or in foster.

Can an activity monitor help tell you about a pet’s potential medical issues prior to you 

knowing. And how can these devices be used in a shelter environment to help with the 

level of care provided? Whistle is curious too in understanding environmental impact 

on activity level, the licking, scratching, hours sleeping is very interesting to them to 

understand baselines of licking and scratching for pets. They’re doing a study with

Banfield so this may help them to see if these pets activity (licking, scratching for 

incidence) indicates food and/or environmental allergies. 


Wisdom Panel: We are interested in understanding the shelter population breed makeup 

compared to community population breed makeup by region or area. Are they similar or 

are there certain types of dogs that are more likely to come through the shelter?

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